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Written by Administrator
Monday, 11 August 2008 17:14

TPS stands for the Telephone Preference Service, which together with the cTPS, the corporate Telephone Preference Service, are a list of all phone numbers where the user or owner of the number has registered to declare that they do not wish to receive unsolicited calls.  This means that they have "Opted Out" from receiving any form of phone contact from businesses with whom they do not have an existing 'relationship'.

This doesn't prevent you from calling your customers, those who have made an enquiry regarding services you offer or those you have been in regular contact with.  The law is clear & unequivocal that the register must be consulted prior to making any call of an unsolicited nature, it is not acceptable to call & apologise.  The fine for EACH CALL, attracts a maximum of £5,000 !!

Fortunately it is easy to avoid this situation by screening data prior to a campaign however this should be repeated every 30 days if contact has not been made & permission granted to re-contact.

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