We offer a wide range of services which primarily fall into one of the following topics -

  • Market Research
  • Database Management
  • Telemarketing
  • Telesales
  • Customer Care & Retention
  • Event & Seminar Management

However we are more than happy to handle bespoke projects as well .... if you have any specific requirements not covered within one of these areas, please don't hesititate to contact us.

  • Database Management   ( 4 Articles )

    Most Direct Marketing activity requires accurate data for effective campaigns however this information degrades very quickly for a variety of reasons - people move house, change jobs, leave companies, situations change as people marry, divorce or at worst die!

    It is essential that databases & customer records are kept upto date and in most cases, the more information that is gathered, the more efficient & successful the campaigns are and the stronger the customer - supplier relationship is.

    Principal areas of Database Management are -

    • Confirmation of Record details
    • 'Population' of Databases
    • Addition of further information
    • Opt - In Permissions
  • Telemarketing   ( 3 Articles )

    Telemarketing is a loose term, in this case, we are using it to describe activities supporting the sales process without actually intending to deliver an order.  These activities include -

    • Lead Generation
    • Appointment making
    • Seminar Delegate Invitations
    • Direct Mail & Email Follow Up
    • Existing Customer Service Calls

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